【Tournament results】7,Aug,2022,Wake Surf Fun with HANASAKA

August 7, 2022

We held a small competition called Wake Surf Fun with HANASAKA in Japan.

It has a relaxing atmosphere and participation from overseas, the tournament was a lively one.

Thank you for completing the competition safely.

Thank you to all the rescue boats, patrol boats, judges, Moriyama Fisheries Cooperative, Lake Marina, Yanmar Marina, and volunteer staff. Thank you very much for your cooperation from early morning.

Salt-grilled sweetfish was provided by Moriyama Fishery Cooperative and lakemarina.

Thank you very much for the delicious sweetfish.

Congratulations to all the prize winners.


men’s young

RANK Rider Name
1 Simon Tai
2 Hayate Kittaka
3 Andy Chung
4 Sidney Adhika Halim

Men’s Around 40

RANK Rider Name
1 Jin Otubo
2 Yu Kawanishi
3 Suguru Miyazono

Women’s SKIM

RANK Rider Name
1 Nana Yoshioka
2 Rie Kitayama

men’s SKIM

RANK Rider Name
1 Kenichi Yoshioka
2 Yoshinao Mekata
3 Yoshihiro Kawasaki

Men’s Around 60

RANK Rider Name
1 Yoshinao Mekata
2 Shinobu Yamagishi
3 Yoshihiro Kawasaki

Women’s SURF

RANK Rider Name
1 Hisae Kanamori
2 Mayumi Kawanishi
3 Chikage Iwakoshi

Men’s Around 50

RANK Rider Name
1 Johnny Chung
2 Yasutaka Terachi
3 Yasuyuki Miyawaki




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