Join The Association

We are looking for supporting members to support the operation and promotion of AWSF activities. We appreciate the support and cooperation of many corporations and individuals.

Membership Benefits

  • We will post your name or company name on the federation’s website.
  • We will inform you of participation in the event sponsored by the joint name.

Membership Fee

Supporter Membership (Annual amount) One unit is 30,000 yen or more, and we ask for the cooperation of one unit or more.
Corporate Partnership (Annual amount) 30,000 yen per unit, please cooperate with one or more units
  • The transfer fee will be borne by the transferor.
  • Supporting members will be renewed every year. The period is from January to December of the following year.
  • We would be grateful if you could deliver in the same way from the year after enrollment.

How to apply

Please let us know your name, request for publication (yes / no), contact information (address, phone number, E-mail) from the inquiry form.

Asia Wake Surfing Federation Supporting Membership Regulations

Article 1 “The rules of the Asia Wake Surfing Federation (hereinafter referred to as “”the Federation””) Establish necessary matters regarding supporting 
Article 2 Supporting members are individuals and corporations who support or cooperate with the purpose of this federation.
Article 3 Anyone who intends to become a supporting member shall apply to the Federation through the prescribed enrollment procedure.
Article 4 The membership fee is 30,000 yen per year for individuals and 30,000 yen per unit per year for corporations.
Article 5 The membership period for supporting members is one year from January 1st to December 31st of the following year.
Article 6 The support membership fee is used to train and strengthen athletes.
Article 7 In addition to what is stipulated in these regulations, the president shall separately determine necessary matters regarding supporting members.
Article 8 The amendment or abolition of this regulation is by a resolution of the board of directors.
Article 9 This regulation will come into effect on April 1, 2019.
Article 7 Supplement
  1. This agreement stipulates the criteria for admission and withdrawal of supporting members of the Asian Wake Surfing Federation. (Approval of membership)
  2. When the Society receives an offer to join from a person who wishes to join, the representative director examines whether or not each of the following items is applicable, and after hearing the opinions of other directors, decides whether or not to join that person. If the membership is refused, the representative director shall notify the applicants of the membership by an appropriate method, add the reason to the application form, and keep it for 5 years.
    • i) Are the applicants related to antisocial forces such as members of gangsters or those who have been related in the past?
    • ii) Has the applicant for membership ever done anything that has hurt the honor of the Society or defeated the purpose? Or is there a possibility of doing those acts in the future?
    • iii) In the past, applicants for membership have committed inappropriate acts that impair their dignity as members of the Society, such as degrading other members using SNS, disseminating rumors, and damaging credit by using false accusation and power. Have you ever done that? Or is there a possibility of doing those acts in the future?
    • iv) Do you have the willingness and ability to pay the association fee to cover the expenses of the association?
    • v) If you wish to re-enroll, did you perform any of the above 1 to 4 during your period as a member of the Society?
  3. Members must not act in a way that damages the honor of the Society or acts contrary to the purpose of the Society.
  4. Members shall not engage in inappropriate acts that impair their dignity as members of the Society, such as degrading the Society and other members using SNS, etc., disseminating rumors, and using false accusation / power to damage credit. It doesn’t become.
  5. If a dispute arises with another member or a third party, the member cannot pursue the responsibility caused by the dispute to the Society and must resolve the dispute at his own expense and responsibility. It doesn’t become.
  6. If the Society determines that there has been an act unsuitable as a member of the Society, the member may be expelled at any time.
  7. If the Society dismisses the member by the procedure set forth in the preceding paragraph, the dismissed member will be immediately notified of the fact of the expulsion. If the member’s whereabouts are unknown, a public notice will be given on the homepage instead of a notification.
  8. The annual membership fee already paid by the member who has been expelled pursuant to the preceding two paragraphs will not be returned to the exiled member regardless of the reason. In addition to the official bulletin stipulated in Article 31 of the Articles of Incorporation, the Society shall sequentially send necessary information to members through the official website and other methods that the Society deems appropriate.